Whaling in Japan is becoming more and more controversial

There was a real sea war last winter in the South Pacific. For weeks, the animal rights activists of the organization Sea Shepard disturbed the fishing fleets of the Japanese fishing agencies. With water cannons, stink bombs and wild chases the opponents fought a violent exchange of blows. The situation was life-threatening when the Sea Shepard speedboat was jammed and nearly crushed by two Japanese whaling boats. The spectacular pictures went around the world, while Japan’s fishing agency broke the season off prematurely. Currently, there is again a call from environmental organizations to directly engage in the fight against the whale slaughter.

Sign petition from Avaaz.org

Currently more than 180 fin whales are threatened, as a major entrepreneur and his colleagues would like to hunt whales with the harpoon as a summer hobby. Chopped whale meat is transported directly to Japan via the Netherlands where it is marketed as dog food. Everyone can take action against the whale massacre by signing the petition against the slaughter of marine mammals. The campaign is still running for a few days and the goal: 1,250,000 signatures could be achieved.

Network Avaaz Action “Save the Whales”

The network “Avaaz” is active worldwide and tries to influence the political decisions with citizen voices. The Avaaz action calls on the Dutch authorities not to allow whale meat to enter their ports, thereby denying whalers across Europe access to the ports. A quick action is required so that this senseless hunt can be stopped.

Finland and Germany have already confiscated poll meat in their ports. The millenium-strong campaign of Avaaz.org will be handed over in the next few days to the Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands. A gigantic media tower for the rescue of the Wallfische is planned, as long as the petition is not accepted by the Dutch government.

Officially, Japanese whaling serves scientific purposes. Critics believe it will only obscure commercial whaling. Australia filed suit with the International Court of Justice last year to ban hunting for research purposes. Greenpeace Japan also believes that the people of Japan do not want to eat whale meat. Here is only hope that this opinion can influence the government circles.

Conclusion: The pointless slaughter of whales should be stopped as soon as possible. Anyone can take action here – just sign the Avaaz petition!