Impact of car exhaust on the oceans

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The ocean and the oceans of this world play a key role in the Earth’s climate, they determine it significantly and have a considerable influence on it. Globally renowned rankin is starting to help the fight with art statements. The water on earth fulfills a kind of storage function for CO2 emissions, such as those from car exhaust. But scientists found out a few years ago that the percentage of carbon dioxide that can remove the oceans from the atmosphere is sinking. Thus, this memory function is no longer reliable, which is why it should be endeavoured to finally brake the greed for fossil fuels. Scientists also found that oceans and oceans in different places are able to absorb CO2 differently so that the concentration over the orb is distributed very irregularly. That’s about 40 per cent of the carbon dioxide in the Southern Ocean since the gas can dissolve much better in cold water. Especially since the 50s, the concentration has increased dramatically, but in recent decades, it has again slightly decreased, as is increasingly paid to the environmental friendliness of exhaust emissions. The environmental awareness in the minds and the automotive industry has increased.

Convert used cars environmentally friendly

Many cars that are new to the market are already equipped with the most environmentally friendly drive system. However, a majority of people today drive used cars with diesel or gasoline engines . The drive with natural gas or LPG is still in its infancy in Germany, but is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional drive systems. The mineral oil companies also want to refurbish petrol stations increasingly in order to guarantee nationwide availability of the gas. Many used cars that are cheap about, they can also be retrofitted to LPG. Some used car dealers have already retrofitted vehicles in their range. Environmental awareness is currently on the rise with consumers and buyers, so that many opt consciously for the environmentally friendly option when closing the deal, which ultimately can be slightly reduced in the long term, the CO2 emissions.

Prerequisite for the conversion

A conversion in itself is not particularly complicated or complicated. Many car repair shops offer so-called conversion kits, with which such a conversion is actually possible in almost all used cars. Only one condition must meet the car: He must have a gasoline engine, diesel engines can unfortunately not be converted. The cost of a conversion to the natural gas drive amount to about 2500 to 3500 euros – this includes the conversion kit and the actual conversion. Not necessarily the cheapest thing, but what about buying a used one could be saved compared to a new car, the cost always compensates. The conversion should be left to a professional hand, so that a professional approach can be guaranteed. As already mentioned, the conversion does not only do something good for the environment, but also for your own purse in the long term. The price advantage of the alternative drive is very large and is about 25 percent compared to gasoline or diesel. Many drivers even manage to recoup the cost of the conversion in the first year. Of course, this only manages frequent travelers, but even for those who are not quite as much with the vehicle on the road, the conversion has amortized after three to four years.