• Impact Of Fishing On Ocean

    Freshwater and marine resources have been manipulated. Worldwide, 1, 414 species of the percentage of the worlds known species are in risk for extinction. 10 Most Endangered Fish Species. Discovery. 10 years ago, we reached the highest levels of capture that inhabitants of bottom fish and little pelagic fish could sustainably handle. State of the Worlds Fisheries […]

  • Impact of car exhaust on the oceans

    The ocean and the oceans of this world play a key role in the Earth’s climate, they determine it significantly and have a considerable influence on it. Globally renowned rankin is starting to help the fight with art statements. The water on earth fulfills a kind of storage function for CO2 emissions, such as those […]

  • Plankton – food of the whales

    From the smallest to the largest creatures of the planet earth – in the sea live numerous organisms, which feed on a very special and often forgotten by humans food source: the plankton. But what exactly is behind this term? Plankton – more than the “wandering around” Whether microscopic organisms or organisms up to nine millimeters […]

  • Whaling in Japan is becoming more and more controversial

    There was a real sea war last winter in the South Pacific. For weeks, the animal rights activists of the organization Sea Shepard disturbed the fishing fleets of the Japanese fishing agencies. With water cannons, stink bombs and wild chases the opponents fought a violent exchange of blows. The situation was life-threatening when the Sea Shepard speedboat was […]